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Pricing and Billing
Do prices include VAT?
  All of our prices are subject to VAT. This will be displayed when you review your basket in our checkout stage.
I have a question on my charges.
  Click the "My Account / Order Status" link at the top right hand side of our site to review your orders. You may compare your order history on our website, with your financial records. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact customer service for further assistance.
When will my credit appear on my account?
Upon receiving your product(s) back in line with our terms and conditions, we will process your refund and notify you accordingly.  Due to us having to send you RMA documentation and receive this back along with the product(s), we cannot specify an exact timescale for the credit to appear on your account
When will my credit card be charged?
As soon as you submit your order Paypal will contact your credit card company to get approval for payment. Your card may be charged immediately, but on occasion there may be a delay